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GSA Platform Identifier is an ultra powerful, multithreaded, Windows based computer program that automatically detects and sorts imported website URLS based upon their platform E.G. Drupal, KeywordLuv, Vbulletin and hundreds more. GSA PI has the ability to recognize tons of unique platforms right out of the box and can categorize and recognize loads of URLS very quickly.

Working with GSA PI, you have the ability to easily sort out and classify all of your scraped website URL's by simply importing them into the application, setting up a campaign and hitting go! After sorting is finished, the website URLs are ready to be imported into your favorite backlink building software of choice such as GSA Search Engine Ranker for more effective automated link building.

GSA Platform Identifier can also sort URLs based on the keyword criteria you specify to help generate more "niche related" URLS to use for your higher quality link building projects. For instance, if you're searching for URLS that contain a specific keyword in the <title> tags, Meta data, URL, domain, or viewable text on the page, GSA Platform Identifier can automatically identify and save them for you.
And we all know that using niche related backlinks are typically more valuable than non-relevant links which means increased search engine rankings.

GSA Platform Identifier also has the ability to monitor live folders so as you are harvesting URLS with your favorite scraping software, GSA Platform Identifier will automatically monitor the output directory and sort the URLS based upon the requirements you set. This means no need to babysit your search engine scraper and import website URLs by hand, GSA PI will deal with the importing, analyzing, identifying and sorting for you automatically. There is no other software program on the market that comes close to the speed and efficiency of GSA PI when it comes down to rapidly sorting and recognizing website URLs. Download your copy right away!

Features for Platform Identification

  • Adjustable Multi-threading - Extremely fast and efficient.
  • One-time Charge and Free Product Updates for Life.
  • Multiple Project Support - Run several projects at the same time.
  • Keyword Filter- Powerful filter enables you to save only "niche relevant" links by removing URLs's that don't include your keyword phrase.
  • Engine Filter- Filter URLS for a particular type of platform. E.G. BlogEngine, Pligg, etc. Only selected platforms will be saved.
  • Monitor Files and Directories - Automatically monitor files and directories, as new website URLS are added to the file/folder, the application will automatically identify and sort them in. This is extremely powerful when used with Scrapebox or Gscraper + GSA Search Engine Ranker.
  • Custom Engines - Want to identify and sort a platform that isn't already included? Simply add your own via the custom engines option.
  • Live Graphs and Statistics - Live Graphs and Stats give you a breakdown of how your campaign is performing. Watch your platform count increase in real time as URLs get categorized!

Custom Version or Feature Request

Please contact us if you need any custom version or if you are missing an important feature in the software. We are glad to help you with any problems you have.